Saudi Arabia and Its Bastard Child “ISIS”: State of Denial

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Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): One of the best escape maneuvers from any critical situation is denying it. It is one of the worst methods of confrontation because it manages to aggravate the situation rather than cut out its roots. The other meanings of denial are: dismissal, rejection, negation and giving up. It is the opposite of acceptance and admission. Denial is a self-defence mechanism used to confront an uncomfortable and painful reality despite the existence of irrefutable evidence. Acceptance and admission are the first step of confrontation to find a radical solution to the issue.

The state of denial is what the Saudi regime is experiencing with regards to its critical situation involving the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS): "We have nothing to do with ISIS and we are not an incubator of the organization and its thought," although the world is aware that Saudi Arabia is the incubator of the Wahhabi Salafist Takfiri sect from which ISIS emerged on the doctrinal level at least.

The Saudi regime isn't the only one in denial, its defenders- Ipso Facto- including writers, academians, Sheikhs and journalists, as if they are ignoring the fact that Saudi Arabia teaches the books of the Takfiri Imam Ibin Taymiya in its schools.

The Saudi writer and presenter of "Al-Thamina" program on mbc channel, Dawood al-Sherian, wrote a piece that was published on Al-Hayat newspaper on Monday (July 28, 2015), calling on Kuwait to announce in a sort of explicit way that Iran was behind the Imam Sadiq Mosque bomb blast that ISIS declared responsibility for. "There is no doubt that the terrorism that is targeting us in the Gulf region is being committed by some states in the region. The terrorist who blew himself up in the Imam Sadiq Mosque came from Tehran, Damascus or Baghdad. It is indisputable that the so-called ISIS group and other terrorist organizations is a mere facade for some countries in the region which is attempting to drag us into a sectarian conflict. We are still awaiting Kuwait to announce the name of the state responsible for this crime," he said.

What al-Sherian is saying seems to be very absurd and naive as well, especially after we found out that he is liar and liars usually forget what they had stated before. What al-Sherian forgot is that he attacked three Sheikhs on his mbc program: Mohammad al-Arifi, Salman al-Ouda, Adnan al-Arifi because they motivated the Saudi youth to head to Iraq and Syria and since the terrorist ISIS organization was formed from these groups of youths who were sent to Syria and Iraq on a pure sectarian basis, creating the main power attracting extremist Saudi youths.

Al-Sherian himself was the one who interviewed the Takfiri Khalid Al-Mawled, on his show, and told him that he will "choke or stab him to death." What is al-Sherian expecting from Kuwait now? Al-Sherian knows that Al-Arifi and Al-Ouda are Saudis, Al-Aroor lives in Saudi Arabia the fuel tank of sectarian animosity is located in Saudi Arabia and that the Saudi regime, the culture that it sponsors and its supporters are the ones who filled this tank of sectarian fuel. Al-Sherian is aware of all of this yet he still insists that ISIS is the facade of Iran!! This is not the denial of an ignorant but rather a well-aware person who has been gravely engrossed in sectarian hatred.

The Saudi media who describes the Saudi Shiites living in the Eastern District of Saudi Arabia as the "dagger of Iran" and its patrons, directly accused Iran of being responsible for the bomb blasts that took place in Al-Dalwa, Qatif and Dammam and went on to circulate this allegation.

One of the presenters of the Salafist Al-Wisal channel, Khalid Al-Ghamedi, made comments that were not circulated in the news, as he threaten to kill the Shiites in that area: "We do not only say but rather act. I swear to Allah, I swear to Allah the Great that whenever we are given the opportunity we will let them witness what they witnessed Omar and his companions do. We shall march with our armies and tribes towards you and kill you." The educated figures and writers of the Saudi royal court want to pretend that they haven't heard this type of statements made by this person and others like him who are promoting sectarianism on Takfiri channels. They do not want to acknowledge this monster that they have created, denying this fact and blaming it on others.

The Saudi novelist Turki Al-Hamad denied any Saudi responsibility of causing the creation of ISIS and went on like other Saudi royal court officials to point the finger at Iran, as he wrote on his Twitter account: "ISIS claimed responsibility of Al-Sawaber massacre and it is indeed responsible for this act, but I see that Iran is also secretly involved. What a shame it is that some people are committing suicide for concealed reasons."

The academian, Abdullah Al-Ghethami, who is one of the main supporters of the Saudi regime, tweeted after the Kuwait bomb blast: "The Shiites are wounded...Our hearts are with them and this is our duty, but why do they get frustrated when we point out Iran's role in this! Has their defense of Iran reached this extent?!" Al-Ghethami admits that the Shiites are targeted but ignores those who are slaughtering the Shiites and jumps to the accusation that Iran is involved and then criticizes the Shiites for getting frustrated at this claim.

Facing this state of (Gulf) denial, there is a state of (Global) awareness. The Independent asked in March 2014: Is Saudi Arabia regretting its support for terrorism?

The question was used by the newspaper in a long investigation into the role played by Riyadh in supporting Jihadists, the investigative report was prepared by Patrick Cockburn. The report talked about the frustration the US administration expressed over the past six months at the role of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in supporting and funding "Jihadist princes of war" in Syria.

Can the answer to this question be difficult? What country is the first source of Twitter accounts supporting ISIS? A study conducted by the Brookings Institution saw that the vast majority of ISIS supporters on Twitter were located in Saudi Arabia, followed by Syria and then Iraq.

The Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki told Reuters in March 2015 that 2284 Saudis joined extremist organizations in Syria since the onset of the conflict in 2011, including 645 persons who returned to the kingdom and 570 who were killed.

As for the journalist Al-Masri Ibrahim Isa, he was very straightforward. He dedicated a complete episode for discussing Wahhabism sponsored by Saudi Arabia and said: "Wahhabism is the source of all the evils in the world, and it is the incubator of terrorism and the great Satan." He even went on to say that Saudi Arabia "is striving to destroy Yemen as it did to Syria, Iraq and Libya in order to overthrow some of its opponents like Saddam Hussein, Bashar Al-Assad and Muammar Al-Qaddafi."

"It-Saudi Arabia-has dragged the region into proxy wars in favor of the US and Israel, that led to fighting the former Soviet Union by declaring Jihad against it, and is trying to promote that Iran and the Shiites are the devils in the region," he added.

Isa even talked in one of his episodes about the link between Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia and how it was exported to Egypt which later on suffered from sectarian conflicts.

Also, the documents disclosed by WikiLeaks recently showed the massive amounts of money paid by Saudi Arabia to buy journalists, TV channels and other media outlets.

ISIS now is like a bastard child to the Saudi regime. A tweeter once wrote that "ISIS has become like a woman's bastard son, as the mother doesn't acknowledge him yet at the same time doesn't tolerate criticism against him in her presence."

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