BCHR: Nine-Year-Old Boy Shot in Eye by Bahraini Police While no Protests Were Held

2015-08-15 - 12:18 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) condemned the excessive use of force by police in Bahrain that has led to injuring a nine-year-old boy, Mohammed Mahmood Ali Habib, who was shot in the eye on 7 August 2015.

Mohammed was shot in his left eye while he was walking from his grandfather's house to his home in the Bani Jamra area. An armored vehicle came from behind, startled him, and suddenly shots were fired from the vehicle in his direction. One of the shotgun pellets hit and wounded his left eye while a number of cars parked in the area were damaged. There were no reports of any protests in the area.

Mohammed's family immediately took him to Barbar Medical Center, where they were told to take him to the Salmaniya Hospital. Once they arrived there, his father was interrogated by an officer about how the injury was sustained and who shot the boy.

Mohammed then underwent surgery to clean the injured eye. It wasn't possible; however, to remove the pellet from his eye due to the risks of causing damage to the eye. The family was told to wait until the following week when it might be possible to remove the pellet by undergoing a new surgery.

"Before the surgery, the criminal investigation team videotaped Mohammed and took his clothes. The following day, an officer visited Mohamed to try to talk to him, which was not possible due to the fact that Mohammed was under the effect of anesthesia," BCHR added.

BCHR further stated that "The boy's current medical situation is stable but no medical report has yet been delivered to his family yet."

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