Bahrain's SIU Receives 19 Torture & Mistreatment Complaints in July and Refers 2 Policemen to Court

2015-08-10 - 2:56 م

Bahrain Mirror: Senior member of Bahrain's Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Ibrahim Al-Kuwari, said the "unit received 19 complaints in July, including three allegations of torture and 16 claims of mistreatment by security forces. The unit has started investigations into all the complaints."

"The unit also took down testimonies of 26 witnesses in different cases and questioned 16 members of the security forces. It referred 10 of the complainants to the medical examiner for a medical examination, while it referred three of the complainants to the SIU's psychiatrist. An inmate was also referred to the Psychiatric Hospital, based on recommendation from the SIU's psychiatrist, due to his psychological condition and the expected length of his treatment."

Meanwhile, Al-Kuwari said an investigation into events surrounding the Jaw Prison riot was underway.

"The SIU investigated the events that occurred at the reform and rehabilitation centre on March 10. It received the official court documents from the Public Prosecution, which referred the case to the relevant court. The unit questioned 61 inmates who claimed they were beaten by police officers who were attempting to control the situation and end the rebellion that occurred at the reform and rehabilitation centre," he said, adding that the "the unit is currently working on completing the investigation process."

The SIU has referred two members of the security forces to the Lower Criminal Court, charged with bodily assault and insult. The two members of the security forces will appear in court on November 29.

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