BFHR: Sitra Security Campaign Results in 65 House Raids and 35 Arrests

2015-08-08 - 4:42 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights said that 65 houses were raided in the island of Sitra in Bahrain on Wednesday (August 5, 2015), leading to "35 arbitrary arrests," and causing "sabotage inside the citizens' houses and intimidation of the residents." The Bahraini Forum deems that these acts "are incriminating according to the law, especially Article 25 of the Constitution that stipulates the inviolability of residence, in addition to the articles of the International Covenant that is binding to the Bahraini authorities."

Bahrain Forum's president, Yusuf Rabie, said "the security authorities' actions in Sitra are based on a desire to retaliate against the citizens of this area after the bomb blast incident that raised suspicions," adding that "the authorities should not deem their citizens enemies, for this contradicts with its main duty."

The forum called on the United Nations High Commissioner and the international human rights institutions to immediately interfere in order to stop the tragedy that the people in Sitra are suffering from due to political or sectarian agendas.

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