Chinese Ambassador to Manama: 500 Bahrainis Studying Medicine in China

2015-08-07 - 1:17 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Chinese ambassador to Manama Qi Zhenhong said that his country hosts 500 Bahraini students studying medicine majors.

The Bahraini Health Minister Sadiq bin Abdulkareem Al-Shehabi received the Chinese Ambassador to Bahrain Qi Zhenhong in his office where they discussed "the need to follow-up on the quality of education in the field of medicine adopted in medical universities and colleges in a way that benefits the interests of the concerned parties."

The Ministry of Education had previously announced on March 4, 2015 suspending the accreditation of medical universities in the Republic of China over "some reservations regarding this institution by the competent medical parties in Bahrain."

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