Ali Abdulkarim Marzooq: 3 Years of Hiding Ended in House Raid in Hamad Town

2015-08-06 - 11:40 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini youth Ali Abdulkarim Marzooq has been pursued for three years. On Wednesday (August 5, 2015) destiny put an end to Ali's hiding. Social Media users are posting photos of an elegant handsome young man smiling with a piece of art showing in the background. His eyes are full of challenge and hope, however, since Wednesday (August 5, 2015) his hopefulness is locked behind bars.

Three full years spent hiding in the shadows have ended with a raid launched by the Bahraini police on a house in Hamad Town, south of the capital Manama. Yes, he is the same handsome young man from the island of Sitra, who according to what activists have been circulating is described by security forces as "dangerous" and "the number one wanted suspect". Marzooq is neither dangerous nor the number one wanted suspect. He is just like thousands of other youths in his country, who want to put an end to discrimination and injustice.

Before raiding the house in Hamad Town, the security forces had arrested his brother Hassan Abdulkarim Marzooq in the morning of the same day from his workplace. Hassan wasn't being pursued. His brother; however, was being hunted down. Despite this, both brothers are equal in the eyes of the authorities. Activists have raised concerns that Ali could be subjected to torture. Ali has always received messages from the security authorities threatening to kill him. He is in the hands of the security forces now yet what eases his tragedy is that he is in the Eyes of God.

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