BBC: 21 Thousand Tweets under the #Massacre_of_Scholarships in Bahrain Hashtag

2015-07-22 - 8:48 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The BBC said that more than 21,000 tweets were unleashed on Twitter under the "the massacre of scholarships" hashtag which tweeters chose to express their frustration at the distribution of scholarships in Bahrain.

BBC said that a "#Massacre_of_Scholarships was spread in Bahrain through which the tweeters objected to mechanism and standards followed by the ministry of education in distributing the scholarships."

It added that tweeters accused those responsible of the distribution of scholarships of depriving some students of scholarships on a sectarian basis, demanding equality among students and not taking their nationality, sect or language into consideration."

"However, others criticized these accusations saying that there was fair distribution and that the #Massacre_of_Scholarships appeared in about 21 thousands tweets," BBC further stated.

For its part, Bahrain Mirror published a report about the discrimination practiced against Shiites regarding the distribution of scholarships, entitled "Massacre of Scholarships Destroys Ambitions of Shiite Youths: Top Students with 99% Ranks without Scholarships", before this topic turned into a hashtag to post the serious violations practiced against the top-rank students.

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