Rajab: I am still Banned to Travel with Another case in court, Suffering from Gallstones

2015-07-15 - 12:37 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The President of Bahrain Center for Human Rights and Prominent Human Rights defender, Nabeel Rajab, said that he is still banned from traveling abroad and has another case in court, stressing that he will carry on his human rights activism as before.

Rajab, who was released yesterday (July 13, 2015), said in a press release that he received the news about the royal pardon late, "after the royal pardon was issued, the chief of the police department came and told me about the pardon."

Rajab described this move to release him as "positive," also describing the release of the leader of "Wa'ad", Ebrahim Sharif, as "positive" too, saying that this "fostered a kind of positive attitude in Bahrain." He also expressed his shock regarding the "rearrest of Shairf, because he left prison with a clear vision," demanding "his release again, for this leads to bringing together different factions. I, personally, called him from prison and congratulated him for his release."

As for his health condition that the royal pardon justified, Rajab said that he has been suffering from gallstones since about two months and asked the Ministry of Interior to have him undergo surgery to have them removed. The ministry; however, told Rajab to wait, he added.

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