Early Morning Raids and Arrests as Al-Fitr Eid Approaches in Bahrain

2015-07-14 - 3:06 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahraini security forces launched a campaign of house raids in villages and towns across Bahrain, which resulted in a number of arrests thought to be over cases linked to pro-democracy protests.

Activists on social media stated that security forces launched a widespread security campaign and raided dozens of houses on Monday (July 13, 2015) at about 4:30 A.M in the early morning, arresting at least five citizens from Karana (Jaffar Dalal, Saleh Dalal, Ali Al-Sheikh, Ahmed Akil and Hassan Alayan, who has been recently released.)

The activists made certain that a wave of house raids took place in Hamad town, Hoora, Al-Sanabis, where a citizen was arrested without being identified, as well as Al-Diraz where the child Mokdad Al-Madani was apprehended.

On an annual basis, the Bahraini authorities intensify their campaign of raids and arrests, targeting activists and democracy advocates a few days prior to the Al-Fitr Eid.

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