Bahraini Salman Turki Killed in Ranks of ISIS

2015-07-14 - 3:02 م

Bahrain Mirror: Supporters of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) announced the death of one of the militant group's Bahraini members, who had appeared in a video last year while tearing his Bahraini passport after immigrating to Syria. Pro-ISIS social media users posted on Monday (July 13, 2015) that Salman Turki, nicknamed "Abu Al-Baraa Al-Bahraini" was killed in battles taking place in Iraq's Fallujah. Turki was also known as "Abu Dhar Al-Bahraini".

Salman Turki, born in 1995 and a resident of Riffa, had appeared in a video in May 17, 2014, in which he promised that the movement of ISIS will expand to reach Bahrain. He addressed the rulers in the video saying: "If we want to go to a country, we don't use your meaningless nationalities. We; however, expand and enter the country by God's will and victory", before he ripped up his passport.

Advocates of the terrorist organization said that Turki was killed in what they call a "Plunge operation", referring to suicide attacks.

They further stated that he "immigrated alone and then his family members followed suit. He was the one who appeared in #Salil Sawarim 4 under the alias Abu Dhar Al-Bahraini."

Salman Turki is the 16th Bahraini killed while fighting for extremist organizations in Iraq and Syria.

Salman Turki has already posted the story of how he joined ISIS on his personal Twitter account, which he used under the alias "Abu Dhar Al-Bahraini" before changing it to "Abu Al-Baraa Al-Bahraini."

In his testimony, Turki said that all of his family members have joined ISIS, including his mother and brother, who used to be a soldier in the Bahraini army. "My mother came to see me in Sham and became with the Islamic State and my brother was a soldier in the Bahraini army and now he has defected," he stated.

"All my family members have become with the Islamic State," he added.

Turki said in his testimony that a "man" equipped him in Bahrain and gave him 200 BD to travel to Syria, after he was sure about his identity and desire.  

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