ISIS Militants: Defector From Bahraini Military Joined Organization..Confrontation with King Soon to Come

2015-07-09 - 11:09 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini militant who fights in the ranks of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), Mohammed Al-Binali, declared on Thursday, July 9, 2015 that one of the affiliates of the Bahrain Defence Force (the military) defected and joined ISIS, which is fighting in Syria, Iraq and other countries.

On his twitter account, Al-Binali said that Ismail Al-Hamadani was "one of the soldiers of Al Khalifa" and has become "one of the soldiers of the Caliph", referring to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the terrorist organization's leader. He further stated that Al-Hamadani was a soldier of law (the Bahraini military) and has become "a soldier of Sharia (ISIS) [Islamic Law]".

Al-Binali stressed that "The Murji'ah (an early Islamic school) still support every tyrant yet the tyranny of the Bahraini oppressor has spread massively (referring to the King of Bahrain Hamad Al Kahlifa)" whom he attacked by saying that "he mastered opening every door of disbelief" calling on the "soldiers of the tyrant" to repent

In the same context, Abu Laden Al-Harbi, one of the ISIS militants, said that he "brings good tidings to the Sunnis regarding the repentance of Ismail Al-Hamadani, a former soldier in the Bahraini army, who pledged allegiance to the prince of the believers, (Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi)."

For his part, Abu Laden Al-Harbi called on all affiliates in the Bahrain Defence Force to "repent to Allah, for the confrontation between the monotheists and the tyrant is near. Follow the example of Ismail Al-Hamadani who repented to Allah and headed for jihad."

"Ismail Al-Hamadani has left the Bahraini army because they protect people who insult the mother of the believers Aisha (referring to the Bahraini Shiites) and joined ISIS because they defend her honor," added Al-Harbi.

Another ISIS militant, under the alias ‘Kasoura Al-Bahraini' announced "good tidings" for those whom he described as th "people of monotheism in Bahrain" declaring that "Ismail Al-Hamadani repented and defected from the soldiers of the tyrant to join the Caliphate," wondering "Where are those following his footsteps?"


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