Bahraini Citizen Files Complaint against Riot Police for Firing Tear Gas at his Home

2015-07-04 - 11:09 م

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini citizen named Daoud Al-Shakhouri filed a complaint on Saturday (June 27, 2015) at the Hamad town police station after security forces fired tear gas canisters at his home in Damestan village, which led to a broken window in his son's apartment and his daughter's garage and caused the odor to spread in his house. Thus, they were forced to leave their home and sleep at his daughter and brother's houses. Al-Shakhouri stressed on the need to interfere and stop the random shootings.

The Al-Wasat newspaper reported that it received a phone call from Al-Shakhouri stating that his home was hit by tear gas as a result of clashes between the security forces and protestors that took place near his house. "My wife called me asking for my help because tear gas had spread in our home. She told me that our son's apartment was also shot by tear gas canisters while he was sleeping in his room. I headed home at once and thanks God my family was able to wake my son up and take him safe outside the house," he said.

"After I took all my family members out of our home, I took them to sleep at my daughter and brother's houses and headed to the police station at Roundabout 17 where I filed a complaint against the riot police and gave my statement. Then, they asked me to leave and said that a security patrol will come to my home the next morning to take photos and document the damages that resulted from the tear gas canisters," Al-Shakhouri further stated.

He indicated that "we can't live now in our home due to the smell. All what we can do is opening the windows and doors after throwing the gas canisters that penetrated the window. Even if we came home back, the smell will remain for days."

Al-Shakhouri concluded his statement by calling on the ministry of interior "to interfere and direct those responsible to put an end to the random shootings of tear gas which damages the citizens' homes and properties."

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