Dr. Al-Singace's Situation Raises Great Concerns: Transferred to Al-Qal'a Hospital after 100 Days of Hunger Strike

2015-07-03 - 8:21 م

Bahrain Mirror: The European-Bahraini Organization for Human Rights (EBOHR) and SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights articulated their collective worries regarding the health and safety of Bahraini activist, Dr. Abduljalil Al-Singace, who has entered his 100th day of hunger strike, protesting against the deteriorating situation in Jaw Central Detention.

EBOHR reported that Dr. Al-Singace's family confirmed that he has been detained in a small room inside the Al-Qal'a Hospital since the 10th day of his hunger strike, and has been denied exposure to sunlight, the use of hygiene items and repair of his broken glasses, as part of the authorities' ongoing harassment policy adopted against detainees.

The organization further stated that his family was prevented from bringing him books or newspapers. Pictures of him were taken while he changed his clothes. Al-Singace told his family that he wrote many letters requesting to see his son. The prison's administration; however, ignored all of the requests.

Note that Dr. Al-Singace suffers from poliomyelitis in his left leg and needs crutches and a wheelchair. There are worries regarding the health of Dr. Al-Singace due to the hunger strike, yet the authorities in Bahrain continue to completely ignore this.

EBOHR and SALAM demands of the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Nations, and Bahrain's allies to execute the swift release of Dr. Al-Singace and to exercise their powers to stop torture and inhuman and degrading treatment inside Bahrain's prisons.

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