Congressman “McGovern” Describes US Lift of Arms Embargo on Bahrain as Dangerous Step

2015-07-02 - 12:44 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Congressman, senior House Democrat and chairman of Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, Jim McGovern, described the US State Department's decision to lift arms embargo on Bahrain as a "dangerous step backward for human rights".

McGovern said in a statement issued on Monday, June 29, 2015: "If the US is truly committed to regional stability, it must push its allies to embrace policies that will strengthen free societies, not silence entire segments of population. This is the only way to combat extremism."

"Last week's release of the political prisoner Ibrahim Sharif is an important step, but Bahrain must do more to respect the basic human rights of its Shi'a majority and Sunni critics. As long as Bahrain continues to unjustly imprison its own citizens, any commitment to human rights remains an empty promise," the congressman further stated.

McGovern also stressed that: "Allowing Bahrain to continue to exclude its Shi'a citizens and Sunni activists will only increase the risk of civil unrest, leaving them vulnerable to extremists in the region. Bahrain must respect the basic human rights and dignity of all its citizens, including the right to participate freely and fully in civil and political life."

The senior House Democrat concluded his statement by saying: "The renewal of US military aid sadly demonstrates, once again, how so-called national security interests continue to trump human rights," further stressing that "if America is truly committed to supporting open and democratic societies, it must hold Bahrain accountable."

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