WikiLeaks: Saudi Embassy in Tehran Adopted Plan to Support Salafist Channels to Face Iranian Media

2015-06-26 - 9:45 م

Bahrain Mirror: A cable issued by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tehran revealed that the embassy adopted a plan to support religious Salafist channels and direct media outlets "to focus on Iran's interference in the affairs of Arab countries, like Bahrain, in their newscasts." The cable described this move as part of a plan "to expose the Iranian media".

The cable published by the WikiLeaks website this week further stated that "a certain media approach against the Iranian media that falsely accuses the kingdom cannot be established unless there is a joint Arab or at least Gulf approach."

"It's necessary to focus on exposing the Iranian media, by making use of the religious channels, especially the Salafist ones, and supporting them as well as directing the preachers towards Iran in order to transfer their messages into Iran, on the ground and through the media," the cable further read.

It also highlighted that "the news outlets should shed light on Iran's interference in the affairs of Arab states like Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq." The Saudi cable also stressed on the importance of "not just relying on the Saudi media, but seeking to acquire more channels and writers that are experts in the Iranian affairs," in addition to "establishing persian-speaking analytical and news channels aimed at addressing the Iranian people."

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