Saudi Cables: European Parliament’s 2013 Resolution Against Bahrain Was “Worst and Harshest”

2015-06-24 - 4:13 م

Bahrain Mirror: A cable issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed the ministry's evaluation of the European Parliament's resolution on January 17, 2013 regarding the human rights situation in Bahrain. The cable described it as "the worst and harshest resolution issued against Bahrain."

The cable which was posted on the WikiLeaks website, among thousands of other documents entitled "Saudi Cables", stated that "the resolution can be considered very negative to Bahrain. Besides denouncing the human rights violations committed by Bahraini authorities, the European Parliament for the first time called for ensuring the adoption of Foreign Affairs Council conclusions on the human rights situation in Bahrain"

"This is considered one of the worst and harshest resolutions made by the European Parliament against Bahrain and the European External Action Service as well," the cable further read.

The resolution condemned Bahrain's ongoing human rights violations despite the recommendations made by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), and considered that accountability for past violations is a key element on the path towards justice.

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