ISIS Militants Announce Death of Bahraini Suicide Bomber Mesfer Al-Mohannadi

2015-06-12 - 8:17 م

Bahrain Mirror: A number of militants affiliated to the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) announced the death of the Bahraini suicide bomber Mesfer Al-Mohannadi. Abu Aisha Al-Samiraii announced that Al-Mohannadi was "the fifth Bahraini martyr who sacrificed himself for this blessed path."

Abu Musab Al-Salami, an ISIS militant, tweeted on Tuesday (June 9, 2015): "Sunnis in Bahrain are still sacrificing their lives" confirming that Al-Mohannadi was killed in suicide attack which he said succeeded after "he entered his car that was loaded with tons of explosives to a Sahwa checkpoint, turning their night into day and killing every last one of them."



Mohammed Al-Binali, a Bahraini ISIS militant, also confirmed the death of Al-Mohannadi after carrying out a suicide operation, and stated that Al-Mohannadi was "the fifth Bahraini martyr in this blessed path."

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