Activist Ghada Jamsheer Given 20-Month Prison Sentence

2015-06-11 - 9:07 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A Bahraini court sentenced the activist Ghada Jamsheer (on June 9, 2015) to a year and eight months in prison and 400 BD bail to stay the execution, over criticizing a member of the ruling family. The activist was charged with "defaming a number of official employees on her twitter account."

The ministry of interior summoned Ghada Jamsheer on Tuesday (September 9, 2013) for questioning pursuant to the case brought by the General Salman bin Ateyatalla Al Khalifa, King Hamad University Hospital Chief Executive Officer, who is the brother of Ahmed bin Ateyatalla Al Khalifa, minister for the Follow Up in the Royal Court and responsible for Al-Bandar report.

Jamsheer has posted a number of tweets in which she criticized the ruling regime, regarding the political naturalization, the allocation of the King Hamad Hospital, which is managed by the army, to naturalized people and foreigners, in addition to the deterioration of medical services in Bahrain's most developed hospitals.

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