Bahraini Commander-in-Chief: Operation Decisive Storm was Answer of Allah’s Call... the Arab Spring Caused Sabotage

2015-06-09 - 2:23 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Commander-in-Chief of the Bahraini army, Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said that "Operation Decisive Storm" settled the matter of "regional influence, control and dominance," claiming that the countries in the region "responded to Allah and his prophet to defend the two holy mosques, thus came Operation Decisive Storm and Restoring Hope led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," and deeming the act of defending human rights issues and Arab Spring revolutions is but a "door for causing sedition in order to enter the idea of regional expansion and hegemony."

In a speech delivered on Wednesday (June 3, 2015) during the Graduation Ceremony of the 7th Joint Command and General Staff Course, he warned of what is being planned for the region: "Some countries have agendas aimed at dividing the region into mini states, and some states have sectarian aims, while others seek for economic control. Other states have countless aspirations. All of these states have no feelings of love towards Arabs and Muslims and wish them no good. Thus, they gathered their evil forces to attack the security and stability of the region, supported by their cunning intelligence and backed by terrorist sectarian groups. All of this took place under the name of religion; yet religion disowns them. They aimed at restoring past animosities and launching a destructive religious war of powers, and underestimated bloodshed and the dignity of human beings to cut the social bonds and break national unity. They did this with the aid of their sectarian identity, militias and proxy wars in order to widen their control in the region."

"Terrorist groups, in all their forms, will remain an ally of sectarianism no matter how much they mask themselves with religion and religious authority, and will adhere to intolerance and Takfir, and will continue to eliminate the other parties. This will be the way adopted by all states with regional ambitions," the commander-in-chief added.

"Don't these groups know that they are serving their homelands on a gold platter to these states, causing the doors of sedition to open allowing the ideas of regional expansion and control to enter under different names, in the name of "human rights" at times, and the [Arab] "Spring" at others, and other names as well as part of the global scheme to sabotage the countries [in the region] and destabilize civil peace," he further stated.

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