Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior and Jaffaria Endowment Agree on Preemptive Security Measures

2015-06-06 - 3:31 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Minister of Information Affairs Isa Abdulrahman Al-Hammadi stressed (Monday, June 1, 2015) that the steps taken by the ministry of interior in cooperation with the Jaffaria Endowment Directorate are preemptive measures, aimed at maintaining security and stability in the country and guaranteeing the safety of the kingdom's citizens and residents.

During the press conference held after the weekly cabinet session, the information minister said: "We don't live isolated from the events taking place on the regional level. We witnessed the criminal acts committed in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. There was coordination between the Jaffaria Endowment Directorate and the interior ministry who agreed on preemptive measures to be taken in this regard."

Al-Hammadi further stated that "government institutions in Bahrain are doing their duty," adding that "there was coordination and cooperation between the interior ministry and Sunni and Jaffaria Endowment Directorates concerning the places of worship and the safety of citizens in all aspects of their lives and not only while they practice their religious rituals."

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