Haq Movement’s Secretary-General Prevented from Admission to Hospital for Over 100 Days

2015-06-05 - 10:44 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The family of detainee Hasan Mushaima', Secretary-General of the Haq Movement for Liberty and Democracy, stated on Wednesday (June 3, 2015) that he is rejecting visits since more than a 100 days, after special Jordanian forces raided Jaw Central prison on March 10, 2015.

His family explained that he is rejecting visits because of the humiliating body search he is being subject to, adding that his phone calls are monitored and that prison authorities end his calls once he begins talking about the situation in prison.

"Our father called us today and we asked him about his health, he told us that they are not allowed to go to the hospital. When we asked him about the cancer screening test, he said that he still doesn't know whether he will be admitted to a hospital to have the test or not."

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