Al-Anoud Mosque Named as a Target in a Saudi Book Fueled with Sectarianism

2015-06-04 - 3:56 م

Bahrain Mirror: Saudi activists distributed some pages of a hate-instigating book by a Saudi cleric who has close relations with the Saudi authorities, in which he mentioned Al-Anoud Mosque in Saudi Arabia's Dammam that witnessed a blast, on Friday (May 29, 2015), leaving three martyrs dead. The cleric condemned the Saudi authorities for granting this mosque an authorization since it is "a place for Rafida (Shiites)".

In his book entitled, "The Reality of the Rafida in the Lands of Tawhid (monotheism)", published in 2010, Sheikh Nasser bin Sulaiman Al-Omar stated: "In the Sunni lands, such as Dammam, the Rafida meet inside homes where they do the same things they do in the Hussainyas; they make religious gatherings to celebrate or mourn. They were also given a mosque in Al-Anoud neighborhood, where they started praying, and attending in large crowds, although the name of ministry of Hajj and Endowment is clearly written on the mosque's entrance. Rosaries and carpets were put in that mosque while Qurans were removed."

"The Radifa are tomb and grave worshipers. The Rafida in Saudi Arabia are the same as other Rafida elsewhere."

It is noteworthy that Sulaiman Al-Omar is the head of International Committee of Understanding the Quran and a member in the Supreme Committee of the Association of Muslim Scholars. He is also the general supervisor of the Muslim Diwan Association in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Omar further states in his book that he dedicated to monitoring the places where Shiites are located in Saudi Arabia: "Hussainyas are considered as a media platform and gathering places for Rafida, where they meet on their many occasions; for marriages, celebrations, mourning rituals (...). All the Shiites have entered these Hussainyas and listened to what is being spoken. All of them have listened to the preachers there and attended celebrations; which consolidate the principles of their corrupt sect in the minds of their people; men and women, young and old."

In a chapter entitled, "Manifestations of Shirk (Polytheism) and Bida' (Heresy)" he said: "One of the Shirk and Bida' manifestations that are spread in the lands of Tawhid is building tombs for the Rafida and considering them holies in addition to building them into shrines (...) All of the cemeteries in Al-Qatif and neighboring regions are built in this same innovative way."

He continues in the same context by saying: "People who go to the city of Prophet Mohammad (Mecca) see how strong their polytheism is and how open the Rafida are in revealing their heresy. Shiites come from Iran, Al-Hasa and Al-Qatif to Medina in Rajab, in groups and individually."

Al-Omar condemned on his twitter account (May 29, 2015) the Al-Anoud blast and said that he "incriminates every act and tool that caused this bloodshed. The first to benefit from this act are the Safavids (Iran), and the criminal bombers are tools in the enemy's' hands."

Another twitter user posted a comment on Al-Omar's tweet under the name of Mohammed Al-Saif, saying: "The perpetrator must have read your book "The Reality of the Rafida in the Lands of Tawhid (monotheism)", and thus was provoked by your words."

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