Bahrain's Jaffaria Endowment: Interior Minister Approves Stepping Up Security around Shiite Mosques

2015-06-04 - 3:50 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Jaffaria Endowment administration office stated (Friday, May 29, 2015) that the Bahraini ministry of interior approved increasing security around mosques, after the bomb attacks that targeted two Shiite mosques in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Chairman of the Jaffaria Endowment, Sheikh Mohsen Al-Asfoor, said that, after the bombs in Al-Qadih and Al-Anoud, the administration launched a series of significant measures aiming at maintaining security and providing protection in all the mosques affiliated to the administration, in coordination with the relevant authorities, namely the ministry of interior.

"We directly contacted the Minister of Interior, Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, who confirmed that the situation, thanks to God, is stable and that the security apparatuses are working on high state of readiness and alert to guarantee security and stability across the island Kingdom," he added.

Al-Asfoor highlighted that the minister has responded to the request of the endowment administration to step up security around the mosques that witness mass crowds of worshipers in various villages across the kingdom, stressing that the administration witnessed cooperation from the competent parties in this regard.

The Jaffaria Endowment office said it held an extraordinary meeting last Wednesday during which they discussed the security challenges that the mosques face after the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia and affirmed that the necessary measures should be taken in cooperation with the competent parties in the kingdom to guarantee protection for worshipers.

Thus, the Jaffaria Endowment office decided to establish a follow-up committee made up of three members of the office. The committee commenced its work in coordination with all the relevant parties in a way that contributes to uniting efforts to enhance security and safety for worshipers.

The administration further stated that due to this unique and critical situation in the region, the Jaffaria Endowment office urges women not to attend mosques, temporarily. The office will also address the Manama province authority in order ban the entrance of vehicles to the city during the celebrations of 15th of Shaban as a precautionary measure, similar to the ordinary measures followed in this regard.

The administration stressed that all citizens should adhere to the instructions that will provide them security and peace, in cooperation with security bodies, and by contacting administration officials.  

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