Article about Security Challenges Infuriates Bahrain’s Minister of Justice

2015-06-03 - 9:55 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Minister of Justice, Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa, expressed his frustration of an article by Al-Wasat newspaper Editor-In-Chief, Mansoor Al-Jamri, in which Al-Jamri stated on Sunday (May 31, 2015) that the attacks targeting worshipers in mosques defies the "security achievements" of government authorities without naming a specific government.

It seems that the last few paragraphs were the reason behind the minister's dissatisfaction, as Al-Jamri implicitly spoke of the Bahraini government's actions throughout the period since 2011 until now.

"Even recently, governments were announcing the achievements they've made in internal security and providing public service for all citizens...while these governments were countering political opposition challenges by its security forces. These forces were targeting political activists without instigating one group in the society against another," Al-Jamri stated in his article.

"However, in the past years another factor emerged and many parties interfered, which led to the incitement of one group of society against another. This kind of approach required religious sources to gain legitimacy, and required hate speech which is based on widening the differences between people. Therefore, there are now pioneers of sectarianism and preachers of hatred. A new industry has emerged which manufactures these dangerous approaches that affect all aspects of public life," Al-Jamri added.

Al-Wasat Editor-In-Chief concluded his article by saying: "The instability our region is witnessing today is a result of the interference of terrorist groups, because they have found that this approach is the best way to achieve its aim that is overthrowing regimes and establishing others. This would take place by instigating sedition and internal wars marked by sectarianism and fueled by enmity and hatred, disguised by religion. Thus, the battle today isn't between religious sects, but between governments and those who say that they can defy these governments in their most important and publicly announced achievement: Maintaining internal security."

The justice minister immediately responded in a tweet he posted on his personal account: "The components of any state are the people, territory and sovereignty altogether. It is foolish to separate any component from the other amid the threat of terrorism, and claim that it is just a defiance of the government's achievements!" The minister of justice has lately been describing Mansour Al-Jamri as "foolish" on more than one occasion. Al-Jamri; however, commented on the minister's tweet by calmly saying: "It is foolish to use a term that has nothing to do with a certain thought or view."


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