Jaffary Endowment Office Calls on Bahrainis to Cooperate with Security Forces to Protect Worshipers

2015-06-03 - 12:00 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Jaffary Endowment administration office called on Bahrainis cooperate with security forces who are doing their duty to protect worshipers across the island kingdom.

The administration office stated in an official statement that "security forces are deployed in various areas across Bahrain in order to maintain security and provide protection for the worshipers in mosques, indicating that the ministry of interior responded to the administration's requests to increase security measures in a way that guarantees the security of worshipers."

The endowment administration further stressed "the importance of direct communication with security forces to report any suspicious persons or objects, so that the competent security bodies would be able to do their duty in this regard."

The endowment also praised what it described as "the efforts exerted by the ministry of interior to maintain security, especially amid the critical situation the region is witnessing, which requires cooperation from everyone to provide security and stability."

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