Ministry of Housing: Allocating 70 Million BD to house the Defence Force

2015-06-01 - 9:29 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's ministry of housing disclosed that it has allocated 70 million BD of its project budget for 2015-2016 for housing projects for the Bahraini defence force members, according to "a royal instruction". The projects will be built on lands owned by the defence force.

The information and data provided by the housing ministry concerning the state's general budget for 2015-2016 showed the absence of any new housing projects within the next two years, as the ministry will continue to establish the projects it is currently working on in different areas in Bahrain.

In a letter signed by Bassem Al-Hamer, the Minister of Housing, the ministry called for "reconsidering the budget allocated for the ministry of interior for the two fiscal years 2015-2015," indicating that "the preliminary estimations of the repeated budget for the two fiscal years 2015-2016 of the housing ministry are less, compared to those of ministries of other infrastructure sectors."

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