Bahrain Ministry of Education: Unemployed Honors Graduates Fail Employment Exam

2015-06-01 - 9:21 م

Bahrain Mirror: A group of unemployed chemistry and technology teaching graduates staged a protest outside the general directorate of reviews building affiliated to the ministry of education, after five years of their graduation, as they have received for the very first time a text message from the ministry stating that they failed the recruitment exam.

The unemployed women said: "We have graduated several years ago and every year we apply for jobs in the ministry of education. They; however, do not provide us with the exam or interview results. We have recently taken the exam. We were surprised this time that the ministry sent us a text message stating that, "based on the results of applying for teacher posts in the ministry of education, we are sorry to announce that you have failed the exam, and thus, if you wish to file a complaint, in you can submit it in person to the general directorate of reviews center in Manama."

According to Al-Wasat newspaper, the unemployed graduates stated that this was the first time the ministry sent them a message stating that they did not pass the exams, stressing that they are sure they did very well on the exam.

They also highlighted that failing the exam means that the university they graduated from is not recognized, despite graduating from the University of Bahrain with honors.

"Teachers at schools complain about the lack of science teachers. Meanwhile, we have been unemployed for years," they highlighted.
They further stated that the ministry has not announced vacancies in certain specialties since two years, yet there has not been an employment despite the need for an educational staff.

The unemployed graduates demanded that they'd be provided with jobs in the teaching profession, highlighting that they deserve it the most, since they graduated from the University of Bahrain with honors.

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