Ministry of Health Warns of a Deterioration in Health Services after State Budget Cuts

2015-06-01 - 5:18 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's ministry of health warned that the health services granted to the citizens and residents will be significantly affected, since the budget for the two fiscal years 2015/2016 showed a decline by 25-30% as compared to the actual spending of 2014.

In his address to the Minister of Finance, Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, the Minister of Health said that the annual increase in the employees' salaries requires an additional 4.5 million BD, as this increase was added by the Civil Service Bureau this year. The ministry of health called on the Minister of Finance to review the anticipated budget because it directly affects the citizens and residents, demanding it to provide a budget not less than 262 million for 2015 and 273.6 million for 2016, in order to maintain the current level of health without providing new facilities or services.

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