Bahraini Government Confiscates Farhat Khorshid’s House

2015-05-30 - 2:27 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The wife of Farhat Khorshid, who was forcibly expelled from Bahrain, filed a complaint against the ministry of housing over confiscating their home, depriving her husband of his insurance rights, stopping the dispense of their allowance, indicating that "there was no cooperation on the part of competent parties in this regard."

The security authorities of Bahrain international airport banned Khorshid from entering the country (on February 5, 2015) as he returned from a trip abroad, during which he received treatment, after his nationality was revoked among 71 others on January 31, 2015.

Khorshid's wife told Al-Wasat newspaper: "Depriving us of these rights affects the welfare of my two children whom I provide, especially after my husband was banned from entering Bahrain", calling on the competent authorities and officials to "urgently take into consideration the case". She also stressed that she contacted the official parties according to their fields of specialty, but her efforts were in vain. She further stated that she was sentenced to imprisonment over her failure to repay a loan after being dismissed from her job in a construction company, highlighting that she paid a bail in order to halt the execution of the sentence. She added that depriving her family of their allowance increases the burden on her shoulders and worsens the problem.

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