A Cousin of Al-Qadeeh Massacre Executor Threatened the Shiites: You Will Soon Witness a Dreadful Conflict

2015-05-26 - 9:42 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A commemoration was held for Al-Qadeeh massacre executor by one of his cousins named Saleh Abdul-Rahman Al-Qashami, during which he threatened the Shiite citizens in Saudi Arabia, promising them that they'll witness a dreadful conflict. "May Allah accept you in heaven my cousin. You filled our hearts with joy. Farewell to you, who made the Rafidis (Shiites) mourn," Al-Qashami stated.

By the alias "Abu Mazna Al-Zalfawi", he tweeted: "And your abode is Hell, and wretched is your destination, you sons of Muta'ah. May Allah accept the executor of this operation!"

"You will soon witness a dreadful conflict. God willing, the black banner will soon flutter over the Land of the Two Holy Sanctuaries against your will," he added.
These threats come as the Saudi king vowed to hunt down the massacre executors and those who sympathize with them.

Tens of thousands of people took part in the funeral procession of the 21 martyrs who were killed in the suicide bomb attack.

The gathering turned into a political protest against the Saudi regime that adopts an extremist religious system which has led to the establishment of extremist religious movements around the world, mainly ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

The mourners raised banners that read anti-government slogans and slogans against the Sunni clerics whom the regime adopts. They also held photos of the anti-Shiite Al-Wesal TV channel with a slogan under it that read "Stop Your Sectarian Media", whereas other banners held by Al-Qatif residents read, "We are Victims of Your Sectarianism", "We are Victims of your Fatwe," and "We are the Victims of Your Hateful Incitement".

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