Murderer of Martyr Ali Mushaima Included in the Royal Pardon

2015-05-26 - 9:38 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): According to a statement by public prosecutor Ali Fadhl Al-Bouainain (May 8, 2015), official documents revealed that the murderer of Martyr Ali Mushaima was released by a royal pardon for humanitarian reasons.

The Bahraini authorities released the Yemeni police officer, Hasan Abdullah Hasan Khairi, who was sentenced to only three years in prison. The vice president of Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Yousif Al-Muhafdhah, stressed that the decision proves that the regime protects murderers.

The official newspaper published the decree's text, which stated that "the remaining terms of the penalties for sentences involving deprivation of liberty and for fines, raised against the convicts in these cases are to be dropped."

The decree listed 48 convicts. According to some human rights groups, the number of convicts among them who were tried over political issues does not exceed 11 prisoners."

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