A Sunni Cleric Thanks the Bahraini and Saudi Kings for not Attending Camp David Summit

2015-05-21 - 2:35 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Naji Al-Arabi, the orator in Ajlan Mosque in Arad, thanked the Bahraini and Saudi kings for "not attending, in person, Camp David summit and lowering the level of official representation," indicating that this step sends "several messages for the other party and reveal important indications that the time of American domination over the Middle East has passed," adding that, "The fateful decisions are taken by the countries themselves according to their interests and that America along with other countries have to consider the balance of power in the region more."

He highlighted in Friday's sermon (15 May 2015), "the necessity to fend off the Iranian attempt to extend its Safavid influence over the Gulf," adding that, "The Iranian threats to the Gulf ships must be deterred in coercive methods, stressing on straightly establishing the facts and that the Gulf is Arab not Persian, urging the youth to establish the facts and spread them in various quarters." Al-Arabi stated that Yemen "needs our soldiers' support in the battle; however, it is waiting for good-hearted people to help in relieving and reconstructing it."

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