Yousif Al-Muhafdhah: The Murder of Martyr Mushaima was Released under the Royal Pardon

2015-05-19 - 2:31 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Yousif Al-Muhafdhah, the vice president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights said (Sunday, May 17, 2015) that the authorities had released the policeman involved in murdering the martyr Ali Mushaima, the first victim of the popular protests that erupted in 14 February 2011.

Al-Muhafdhah tweeted, "We have received information that Hasan Khairi, the murderer of martyr Ali Mushaima, who was sentenced to three years in prison was among those granted the latest royal pardon and released."

The public prosecutor has already announced the issuance of a royal pardon for humanitarian reasons.

Internationally active human rights organizations criticize the Bahraini authorities for following what they call the "Impunity" policy that led to acquitting officers involved in killing protestors and prisoners under torture.

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