Bahrain: The Regime Forces Surround a Shiite Mosque, Confiscate Speakers and political Banners

2015-05-09 - 8:00 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Eyewitnesses told Bahrain Mirror that on the afternoon of Friday, May 8, 2015, members of the Bahraini regime forces raided Diraz, west of Manama, surrounded Al-Sadeq Mosque and confiscated a number of speakers and political banners, in addition to the Bahraini flags the prayers use in their protests every week after Friday prayer.

A crowded protest has been organized every week since several months in Al-Sadeq Mosque, the largest Shiite mosques in the country, whom the prominent cleric, Sheikh Isa Qassim, used to be his Imam before his health deteriorates.

Witnesses said that the regime forces raided Diraz, after the end of the protest, with a large number of patrols along with armored vehicle and headed towards Al-Sadeq Mosque to surround it. They also affirmed that civilian member affiliated to the security body were there too.

Witnesses also stressed that the regime forces confiscated everything related to the weekly protest that they tried to stop it using force many times ago. Later on, the regime forces deployed a checkpoint in the street leading to the country.

It is to mention that the Bahraini authorities have prevented all forms of licensed protests since September 2014.

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