Protests and Clashes Hit Different Areas in Bahrain

2015-05-08 - 10:20 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): On the eve of Wednesday (May 7, 2015), several countries witnessed protests and clashes with the regime forces that fired toxic gases and shotguns against the protestors.

Hundreds of people had protested in A'ali, Sitra, Southern Sehla, Karrana, ‎Bilad Al-Qadim, Karzakan and Malkiya, before the regime forces confronted them using force, which led the protestors to throw stones on them.

The protestors affirmed that they uphold their right in self-determination, condemning what they described as, "the crimes committed by the regime against prisoners of Jaw Central Prison." The protestors also called for releasing the opposition figures.

The political prisoners have been suffering from torture since March 10, 2015, after troops of Jordanian officers raided the prison in the aftermath of the protests that erupted as a result of attacking the mother and sister of a detainee.

Meanwhile, the ministry of interior deployed checkpoints in various streets

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