“Al-Zaki”: A Shiite Scholar was Incriminated for Helping the Dismissed and Detainees’ Families

صادق المالكي
صادق المالكي

2015-05-08 - 3:10 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Sheik Fadhil Al-Zaki said that the Bahraini street "was surprised due to the sentence issued against Sayed Sadiq Al-Maliki, the scholar who is known for his honesty, piety and remarkable scientific merits. It is uncommon that Al-Maliki was sentenced for helping needy people in his village, especially after the authorities dismissed them or imprisoned their supporters, thus they were kept with no supporters. This sentence was issued to incriminate helping needy people in this Muslim country and to reveal that the community has to ignore his religious and humanitarian duty and forget the poor families in order not to put itself under these provisions."

Al-Zaki spoke in Friday's sermon in Imam Al-Sadeq Mosque in Diraz, on May 1st, about what he deemed "a clear paradox, following the issuance of two provisions in the same day; the first one acquits the police from the charge of shooting the youth Fadel Abbass to death in Al-Markh, about a year ago. The second one: the provision issued against those accused in Al-Ekr case, whose sentences reached death penalty, life-imprisonment and nationality revoking. We wonder here: did these two provisions coincide by chance? Or is this an intended message to be delivered to the people? Is it by chance that the authority acquits, commutes or even issues verdicts against unknown over cases of people murdering, whereas it issues death penalties, life-imprisonment or long term prisons for a large number of citizens against those accused in killing policemen, noting that verdicts in such cases are never issued against unknown.'

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