Local Paper: Abdullah Al-Binali, "ISIS" Cleric's brother, Arrested during his Attempt to Escape to Oman

2015-04-29 - 12:38 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wasat newspaper stated that "social media accounts have discussed news about the arrest of the ISIS Senior Cleric Turki Al-Binali's brother, as he attempted to escape from Bahrain using his friend's passport."

In its issue published on Saturday, April 25th 2015, Al-Wasat added that "Mubarak Al-Binali confirmed on a Twitter account, said to be his, the arrest of his son Abdullah, adding that his son was being spied on 24 hours a day and clarified that he was banned from travel since almost a year and six months, and that people ask: If he didn't do anything, then why run away? So he answers: "They threaten him that if the terrorism act gets signed, they'd detain him for six months without trial."

The Chief Prosecutor of Muharraq Governorate Prosecution Office, Abdullah Al Dossari, said last Wednesday that a suspect was taken into custody after attempting to travel to Oman using a passport belonging to another person. After confronting him, he admitted that he had got the passport after manipulating a Bahraini man that he would register for him in a pilgrimage caravan for performing Umrah, but he used the passport to book tickets to Oman through the Bahrain International Airport."

It is noteworthy that Turki Al-Binali announced joining ISIS on February 28th 2014, and that hardliners on social media welcomed his arrival to Syria through Iraq.

At that time, he tweeted his call for "Jihad in the Levant".

He was featured, afterwards, in a video on July 2014 in which he is seen reciting in one of the mosques of Syria's Raqqa province, over which the extremist group has control, the pledge of allegiance to Al-Baghdadi, who declared himself "the prince of believers".

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