Saudi Newspaper Publishes a Photo of a Bahraini Opposition Rally In “Karana” and Claims It’s a Protest in Iran!

2015-04-24 - 2:00 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Saudi "Al-Yaum" newspaper in its issue published on Wednesday (April 22, 2015) posted a picture of a Bahraini opposition rally staged in the village of "Karana", claiming that it's a photo of a protest in Ahwaz area in southern Iran against what it described as "the Persian occupation".

The picture that the Saudi newspaper posted clearly shows that the demonstrators were holding Bahraini national flags in one of the opposition rallies staged in Karana. This stirred a wave of sarcastic remarks posted by activists on social media platforms, mocking the newspaper and its credibility.

Thus, the newspaper removed the picture from its website, but it failed to correct this mistake on its printed issues.

This isn't the first time The media uses pictures of the Bahrain revolution and claims it reflects something happening in another country in the world. Just about three weeks ago, widely-known "Al-Masry Al-Youm" newspaper published a picture of clashes between security forces and Bahraini protesters in the area of Sehla and claimed it is a photo of protests that erupted on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Egyptian revolution.

Also before that, the picture of martyr Ahmad Farhan's head which was blown up by the Peninsula Shield Force in Bahrain's Sitra island was portrayed as if it was taken in Palestine or Syria. Not only were photos of the events that occurred in Bahrain stolen, but caricatures that depicted the Bahraini people's sufferings were stolen as well and claimed to be reflecting other causes such as that of Palestine, Syria and Iraq. This was the case of one of the caricatures of Bahraini cartoonist Ali Al-Bazaz last year.

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