Medics who Refused to Take Part in the Formula 1 Tournament Laid Off and Threatened to be Punished

2015-04-19 - 1:10 ص

Bahrain Mirror: A number of medics and ambulance drivers confirmed that Bahrain's ministry of Health announced it no longer needs their services in covering the Formula 1 event. This comes after these medics refused to take part in the tournament unless they received their dues for their former participations since 2012 until 2014.

According to Al-Wasat newspaper, their names were crossed out of the list of medical professionals to offer their services during the race, noting that ministry officials stated that they were laid off the job and replaced by medics from King Hamad University Hospital and Bahrain Defence Force. The Salmaniya Medical Complex; however, was only requested to provide ambulances. The medics also pointed out that the number of ambulances taken to the Bahrain International Circuit amounts to 14 every year, while four ambulances remain at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, stressing that they have no knowledge of the number of vehicles to be used to cover the event this year.

"The medical professionals also highlighted that another official urged them, and the ambulance drives, to join the medical teams taking part in the tournament. They; however, refused to participate unless they were paid their dues ranging from 800 to 1,000 dinars for each person," Al-Wasat added.

The newspaper also stated that one of the officials even threatened to punish those who refused to participate in the event, although they do not work under his management. The medics stated that he threaten to take necessary action after the tournament against the medical professionals who refused to participate, stressing that they shouldn't be punished since their services in the tournament are additional work and not mandatory.

Al-Wasat also highlighted that while the medics are still waiting to be paid their dues, the doctors who had participated received their dues after the events. The medics wondered why the doctors were the only ones who were paid, although everyone had took part in the races that take place over a period of three days, adding that some of them even participated one day before the event during the preparations process to be part of the emergency team.

"The medics demanded that their dues for their additional work at the Formula 1 events from 2012 to 2014 be paid; noting that they only took part upon the request of Ministry of Health and not upon their will. The medics also stressed that their participation is considered additional work and not mandatory to require punishment," Al-Wasat added.

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