Bahrain Claims Amnesty Report Doesn’t Reflect Facts

2015-04-19 - 1:05 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrain announced on Thursday (April 16, 2015) that it received the latest report published by Amnesty International, adding that it will review its content and the recommendations stated therein, including a number of obscure allegations.

Amnesty International had published a 79-page report and warned of the human rights abuses that continue "unabated" in Bahrain. The report highlights dozens of cases of detainees brutally beaten, deprived of sleep and adequate food, burnt with cigarettes, sexually assaulted, electrocuted including on the genitals and burnt with an iron. One was raped by having a plastic pipe inserted into his anus.

The Kingdom of Bahrain saw that "the report doesn't reflect the facts (...) and that it was written and published hastily in order to draw the media's attention," which seems to be signifying that the issuing of the report coincided with the Formula One Grand Prix which kicks off on Friday.

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