Wave of arrests and gunshot injuries ahead of Formula 1 in Bahrain

2015-04-16 - 3:25 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Three days ahead of the Formula 1 event to kick off in Bahrain, regime forces launched a series of arrests. At least 21, including children, were taken into custody in a number of areas across the Kingdom. This comes amid an escalation of protests against the sports event that the opposition believes is "just a façade to cover up human rights violations."

Reports say that Bahraini authorities arrested 10 people during house raids in the capital Manama, while apprehending others in the areas of Nabih Saleh Island, Karbabad, Bilad Al-Qadeem, Al-Qarya, Damestan and Bani Jamra.

Meanwhile, Fatima Haroun, a youth's mother, posted on her Twitter account that her son, Ahmad Al-Arab (17 years old), was shot during his arrest.

Fatima @fateharoon
Hours ago, regime security forces, heavily armed with live bullets, arrested my son #Ahmad_Al-Arab after an insidious ambush and shot him
12:06 AM-14 Apr 2015

Bahrain is witnessing a wave of daily demonstrations led by February 14 Coalition opposition group to protest against the Formula 1 race to take place in Bahrain. Regime forces usually launch a series of arrests ahead of the event, detaining activists who have voiced their opposition to the race, reiterating their political demands.

The Bahraini Information Affairs Minister, Isa Al-Hammadi, warned on Monday (April 13, 2015) that security forces will confront the calls for protests against the race scheduled to kick off on Friday in the circuit that lies south of Manama.

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