Bahrain’s Interior Ministry steps up security across the country amid an escalation of anti- Formula 1 protests

2015-04-16 - 2:03 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Public Security Chief, Tariq Al-Hassan, stated on Tuesday (April 14, 2015) that security efforts and services are not restricted to the Bahrain International Circuit and the area surrounding it, adding that security forces will be deployed across Bahrain amid an escalation of protests against the Formula 1 race in Bahrain.

During his visit to the race circuit, Al-Hassan said that he planned the security procedures in coordination with the organizers of the race, both inside and outside the circuit, by conducting thorough searches and organizing the entrance and participation in the events. He also pointed out that security forces have been deployed around the circuit and are patrolling the area regularly, and police have been deployed along all highways leading to the event's venue.

Meanwhile, demonstrators protested today against the Formula 1 event in a number of areas across the island Kingdom and the February 14 Coalition called for protests in the days during which the race will take place, starting from next Friday.

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