Al-Jaafari Waqf Broke the Minaret Door of Ras Ruman Mosque to Take Down Imam Hussein Banners

2015-04-09 - 1:17 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Reports indicated that one of Al-Jaafari Waqf employees broke in the southern minaret door of Ras Ruman Mosque by force, on Sunday, (April 5th 2015), before taking down a religious banner from atop the minaret.

It was also reported that an employee assigned by the Waqf administration came to remove the Imam Hussein banners from atop the two minarets. He entered the northern minaret and removed the banner, and then went to the southern one yet could not open its door. So he called one of the engineers in the maintenance department and ordered him to break the door and take down the banner.

Ras Ruman residents condemned "this horrendous act and assault against one of the highest Islamic holies," holding the Waqf president accountable for the actions to be taken by the residents in response to any similar assault.

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