Mohieddin Khan: I agreed that my son went to Syria as long as he "got training to use weapons"

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by Husain Marhoon: On 8th September 2013, Mohiedin Khan, the president of Al Adala society, a society authorized by the Bahraini authorities, published some facts about the killing of his son, Ibrahim, through which he discussed interesting details about his son's jihadi trip to Syria. In his recounting, he mentioned that he had traveled twice to Syria and returned the first time normally to Bahrain without facing any questioning by the authorities. Mohieddin said "everything happened with my agreement", pointing out that before his son left Bahrain for the second time to Syria, where he was killed in Ariha, he had stipulated that his son "should not engage in internal combats until getting trained to use the weapons." 

In his narration of the story, Mohieddin stated, "A year ago, Ibrahim asked me to go to fight in Syria, however, I postponed his leaving to make sure of his sincere intention. I wanted to ensure the he has a loyal desire rather than a temporary enthusiasm or a whim only." Khan added in an article published on his Twitter account that Ibrahim "kept on talking about his desire to go to Syria and when I saw his sincere intention I told him that you still need to change few things in yourself to be ready. I agreed with him that if he changes some aspects in himself, I would allow him to go." Khan continues, "I witnessed a significant change in a short period of time that indicated his sincere intention. When I allowed him to go to Syria he couldn't be happier."

ابراهيم محي الدين

- Ibrahim Mohieddin Khan


In this context, Khan commented, "you get surprised when you see an extremely happy youth who is going to die. However, my only condition for him was not to get involved in the internal battles until he is trained physically and on the use of weapons in order to become an effective fighter among his fellows rather than a burden on them." He added, "he stayed a month in Syria and returned to Bahrain in the middle of Ramadan and stayed until the middle of Shawwal with his family. It was a great time spent with the whole family together. Ibrahim told us that this time he won't return until he achieves victory or martyrdom." "I used to see him worried in the last week, he was always absentminded and thinking about going back to Syria as soon as possible," he announced. "When we were bidding farewell to him at the airport, his eyes were sparkling of joy as if he felt it was soon to meet his God."

Khan continues narrating his son's trip details, "he arrived to Syria and managed his things. We were in touch almost daily. Ibrahim used to seek my advice in a lot of matters. Before going to Ariha, he told me that he was going for an invasion and we couldn't contact for two days. He then returned and we could communicate again. Last Monday he told me that he was going for three days to stand off in Ariha and then return." "I published the talk we had on social media in addition to his wish for martyrdom. I felt that something was going to happen and this feeling increased when he asked me if his mother and I were content with him...I answered that if we weren't content with you, you wouldn't have been there. Ibrahim was happy." Khan carried on. "He went to Ariha last Monday to stand off and we heard on Tuesday about the furious battle there. On Wednesday, the battle became more ferocious."

Explaining the details of the last battle which he said he had known about from "personal calls with parties and calls via some people", Khan stated, "there were five men, with Ibrahim among them, on the mountain and the Syrian army was firing guns at them. They then had to descend to the middle of the mountain and hide in a ditch. The enemy fired heavy shells on the bottom of the mountain, which led to heavy dust. The five fighters were not able to see and while waiting for the dispersal of the dust, the enemy turned from behind the five men who thought the enemy was of their brothers who had come for their aid. The five fighters were shocked and the enemy shot fire on three of them. Ibrahim was wounded and the enemy did not figure out the fifth one. Ibrahim was reciting the tashahhud and magnifying Allah, thus, the enemy shot him with several times to silence him."

"When the one who killed Ibrahim wanted to change the tank of the machine gun, the fifth fighter immediately shot him dead. The fifth fighter was the one who heard Ibrahim reciting the Tashahhud. He left his location and returned five hours later. They told me that Ibrahim was still heavily bleeding after five hours of his martyrdom. He was even bleeding when they put him in the grave," stated Khan.

"Ibrahim's fellows said that they had never seen such a great and non-stop amount of blood going out of a dead body. His body was supposed to dry. The fighters smelt a nice scent released from his bloody body. His thumb was also raised. His body was soft and warm after these long hours. One of the fighters said that Ibrahim was fasting the day before he was killed although the war was at its climax. I think he was fasting with his friend Abi Sufian, who memorized the Quraan. They were killed together," Khan noted.

"Ten days before Ibrahim's death, an exploding Barrel fell on their location but did not explode. When he got out of his location, another exploding barrel fell 3 meters away from him but did not explode, either. I told him that it was not your hour yet," declared Khan. Khan ended his article with a pray, "May God accept your slave Ibrahim among the martyrs. May he be an intercessor for us."  

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