A terrorist at Al-Nosf Mosque: "Fight against the Shiites who are the Jews of this nation"

2014-11-18 - 2:21 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Until August 2014, Sheikh Adel Hassan Hamad, one of the pillars of the jihadi movement in Bahrain, continued to deliver his weekly sermon which was authorized by the authorities, from his pulpit at the Al-Nosf Mosque in Riffa, south of Manama. Has stated in one of his sermons delivered on Friday in 2013, "Encourage people to head for Jihad in Syria, fight the Magi of this nation, the Rafidis (Shiites) everywhere." This as his son Abdulrahman was killed in Syria in the ranks of "Nusra Front". Some of the stages of his intellectual life are as follows:

-          He is a member of the Muslim Scholars Association, holds a PhD in Islamic Sharia from Morocco, and received a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Saudi Arabia. He has been the Imam and preacher of Al-Nosf Mosque in eastern Riffa, south of Manama since 1985. He continued to deliver a weekly lecture since then, until he was banned from doing so by the authorities based on the Ministry of Interior's decision on August 7th 2014. Qatar's Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs appointed him as the imam and preacher of Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahhab Mosque in Doha on April 18th 2014. He launched many projects, authorized by the authorities, such as the Library of Dar Al-Yaqeen in Al-Bochoarh in eastern Riffa, as well as the Al-Mawada Association, the Al-Mostawda' Association for charity, the Riayat Moshaf Shareef Association, and the Social Aid Association.

-          One can claim that Sheikh Al-Hamad represents today one of the pillars of the Bahraini "Jihadi movement" which first grew under the influence of the Bin Laden thought which spread across the world. The other pillar is represented by Turki Al-Binali. Not once did he criticize the Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden or his school of thought, which was founded in the Tora Bora Mountains in Afghanistan. He adopts the full list of "Takfir" which considers rulers, Jews, Christians, Shiites, Nasiriya, secularists, communists, and even those who call for democracy and ideas such as political pluralism, to be disbelievers. He has demanded the government to impose the tribute system, which forces "150 thousand infidels like Jews and Christians to pay taxes in return for living in Bahrain." The Utopia he desires is represented in the "Taliban" version and not the Saudi. In his recent speech, he stated: "The rule of Islam was only truly implemented when Taliban ruled." It seems that he calls for Jihad in almost all of his speeches. He has said: "A greater Jihad is emerging in this nation which is represented in fighting the Jews." He has also called on the youth in one of his addresses (May 24th 2013) to "take advantage of the summer vacation by heading for Jihad in the blessed land," as he believes that "Syria is the cause of the Islamic nation" and that "fighting there is Jihad performed for the sake of Allah." He also said: "Remember, O youth, that those who fought alongside the Prophet were all youth, so do not miss this opportunity," also stressing "encourage people to head for Jihad and fight against the Shiites who are the Jews of this nation, everywhere."

-          His weekly sermons which he delivered at Al-Nosf Mosque and which is attended by about 3 thousand worshipers, according to one of his speeches, represents the local umbrella of ideological theories under which the new generation sought refuge in their fight across the arena of global jihad, including those returning from the Guantanamo Bay prison for whom a licensed organization was founded and called the national justice movement.

-          In May 28th 2013, his son Abdulrahman Adel Al-Hamad (19 years old) was killed during fighting in Syria which he joined in the ranks of "Nusra Front. He had commented on this incident in a video and said that "he got what he wished for." It is noteworthy that he said "he built weapon warehouses and received training in Bahrain."

-          He has many extremist statements against the February 14 protests in Bahrain, and the Shiites. He stated in a speech on February 13th 2011 that "There are foreign hands managing this event that want to hurt the people of this country. The ones who will benefit from this event are not you, the Sunnis (...) rioters causing sedition say the goal is to achieve political reforms and enhance living conditions, yet they also make statements, which are written on online, revealing that the goal is to overthrow the regime. If this sedition took place, political reform will not be achieved (...) and the victims will be the Sunnis because the people of Persia won't and have never loved the Sunnis nor the Arabs ( ... ) Their religion allows them to commit fornication and lie, which also calls for spilling your blood, which they believe will lead them to Heaven (...) It is not about political reform. It is about killing people and causing sedition (...) Security forces will face these people and let us ask Allah to grant them success, so they would be able to have an iron grip this time thus abolishers would not dare to raise their heads anymore."

-          In another speech delivered on February 27th 2011, he said: "I greatly thank the security forces who did their duty of eradicating those causing sedition. They indeed are our shield; they protect us all from the corrupters of this world. Expressing our appreciation to them is the least we could do, for they are the ones who deserve appreciation and praise the most. (...) You know that the number of injuries is big, many suffer from severe wounds, and some of them are now in hospitals. It would be nice if you visited them or offered them gifts, because they are your protectors, especially riot police. "

-          He stated in an address on March 4th 2011: "What many people fear is one thing: the fall of the regime. Some people are calling for its downfall and the honorable people who are you are afraid of this result. Some examples of this are Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Iraq (...) In order to protect this state from falling, there are two fronts I believe we should consider: First, the king because he's the governor of the state. Secondly, the Sunnis because they are the people and everyone else or everyone who is not with them are just people causing sedition. If our king wants his rule to last, he must cherish the Sunnis. If you don't love, cherish and protect these people, then those who you support will not help you. Our king will not be supported by these people, and the king knows that they have hidden agendas and will not stop until they overthrow him. We don't want that and I don't think anyone wants that. They; however, announce it in public and want that to happen. The king can't do anything by himself, we must stand by him. The people, meaning the Sunnis, must strive to protect their country from falling."

-          He also said in another address delivered on March 25th 2011 that "some people wonder these days why we treat these people this way after Allah degraded the people of corruption who are beginning to return to their jobs defeated. How should we treat them! How should we treat these people after they had committed crimes! (...) If we want to deal with them, we must first categorize them. Are they infidels? Are they hypocrites? We must know what they are so we would know how to deal with them. Jews and Christian live with us on earth, so are we supposed to treat them the way we treat Muslims? No, no I don't think you consider them to be in the same category as the Jews (...) Yes, they are infidels, but what suits them best is describing them as hypocrites, we are speaking of the highest level of hypocrisy. These are the most hypocritical people; they show that they are Muslims but in reality they conceal their infidelity. If they return to their jobs, they will try to please you because they are afraid of you. This is the reality. Those who worked with them know how they submit themselves to you. This is how they are. This is how the hypocrites are. They make up false excuses when you ask them why they didn't show up for work. They start making up stories and bring you excuses from Mars. They will lie. They, in fact, are a big lie. So how should you treat them? Hypocrites perform Jihad with swords and weapons but saying the truth is the better Jihad. They reveal all their false beliefs and superstitions. It is clear what their agendas and plans are. We shouldn't show them mercy, we should be strict. Our jurisprudence teaches us to treat them this way. They cannot join the army or any military institution. They mustn't be given any position higher than the believers. This is not a political issue. It is the Sharia. They shouldn't assume the position of minister, or advisor or any other position. A hypocrite was never assigned to any task during the time of the Prophet. It is forbidden to attend their social events, or to offer them condolences in their funerals or pray for their dead. They are infidels.  (...) As for the funeral homes, they were only built to cause division amongst Muslims. If this were a country calling for Tawhid, they wouldn't have a place in this country. Their mosques and funeral homes are all destined to destruction. We don't demolish churches, but we demolish funeral homes because they are built to destroy the religion."

-          In another speech delivered on April 1st 2011, he said: "If we exposed their plots and arrested some of the Rafidi leaders, this doesn't mean that the problem is over. How many times did the Rafidis revolt in this country? How many times did they try to change the regime? These repeated incidents convince us that they refuse the presence of Sunnis in this country. They take action according to a doctrine they are fighting for. They are wrong and you are on the right path. We need to continue to fight them according to the Sharia. If we wanted to face the Rafidis in our country, we must fight their wickedness, so we must deal with this issue according to the principle of religion. Most of the relations with them are made because we go to the same schools and universities and work in the same places, and this is forbidden. Rafidis are worse than immoral people who openly show their infidelity (...) Having relations based on religion means that you cannot be friends with these Rafidis or marry any of them. It is forbidden to marry them because they take you closer to Hell and not Heaven. We don't marry any of them or form friendships with them."

-          He also said in an address on April 15th 2011 that "Today, not all the leaders are in prison and the government won't arrest them all. There are top figures outside the country, with whose presence we are not pleased, neither on this earth nor in this country. We don't even accept their existence on earth. No matter where they are, in prison or not. These people only belong in one place, underground, to rot with magnets and black ants. We must treat people with strictness. The more you study how the Prophet treated the Jews, you realize that he treated them with strictness, and the Jews are the Rafidis' ancestors. The Jews are the ones who founded the Shiite doctrine and that's why you notice compatibility in everything between both sects (...) In the past years, we argued with people who defend them because they don't know the truth. They say they are citizens. No brother, they shouldn't be called citizens at all. They are the enemy, even if they live on the same land. Enmity is not linked to political change at all. It is linked to religion. We should change the wrong method we followed over the past years. We should expose them because by this you would not be among those who stood by them and supported them, like the Sunnis who stood by them in the (Pearl) Square."

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