A Bahraini prison embraces a dialogue between “Al-Aroor” and “Al-Binali”: “One would think he was either a high-ranking minister or officer”

2014-11-18 - 2:15 ص

Bahrain Mirror: In September 2014, the Saudi authorities froze the Bank accounts of a Syrian preacher living in their country, Sheikh Adnan Al-Aroor, over charges related to "funding terrorism."

Meanwhile, one of the religious leaders who recently defected from the "Nura Front" terrorist group, the Saudi Sultan Issa Al-Atwi, announced during an interview with the Saudi "Al-Hayat" newspaper (October 26th 2014) that the organization received "One million dollars of funding from Al-Aroor."

The extremist religious scholar, who was, until recently, a close friend to Saudi Arabia and was a regular guest on its TV channels, visited Bahrain more than once between 2012 and 2013 for the purpose of raising money for Jihadists in Syria. This; however, is only a part of the story. The other part is that Al-Aroor was also one of those who managed the affairs of the extremist ideology movement in the Bahraini security forces.

The following words written by the Bahraini ISIS leader, Turki Al-Binali, entitled "Briefing of my debate with Adnan Al-Aroor" reveal an example of this. He reported about the incident when Bahraini authorities brought Sheikh Al-Aroor in order to conduct a series of debates with him during his brief detention in 2007.

Al-Binali wrote the following:

"In 2006, I heard that Adnan Al-Aroor is coming to a tent set for preaching, so I brought my recording device accompanied by one of my beloved ones and headed there in order to request a religious debate to be conducted in front of the misled people, particularly because Adnan Al-Aroor had delivered a number of lectures in Bahrain and other places, entitled "Takfiri (statements) lead to eruption"...and similar topics.

When we arrived to the place where he was going to deliver his lecture, we heard that Al-Aroor canceled it, because there was a low turnout! So we said: It is the will of Allah.

In 2007, it was God's will that I'd be detained in one of Bahrain's prisons with some of my long-time companions over what they called "Al-Siqafa cell"!-referring to the Saqifa of Bani Sa'eda.

While we were behind bars, we heard that the tyrant's soldiers are going to bring one of their rabbis and priests to have a debate with us, as people usually do to fight against the truth and its followers. I expected them to bring their midget Al-Jahmi Abdulaziz Al-Rayes yet they brought someone even more wicked and deceitful!

I was put in solitary confinement when one of the officers looked at me through the door's opening. Smoking and high on drugs, he directly said to me with no introduction: "Sheikh Adnan Arar!" I said: "Al-Aroor and not Arar." So he turned to his deputies behind him and said: "Al-Aroor?" They confirmed it and then he asked me: "You consider Al-Aroor to be a disbeliever too?" So I responded by saying that only those who Allah and His Messenger consider to be disbelievers based on religious principles, I call disbelievers!

I thanked Allah because I didn't meet him in that tent at that time, so he would not gloat over my misfortune, because people usually gloat and are immoral!

There was a humble room for visitors. It contained old floor tiles and worn-out plastic chairs. Nonetheless, since Al-Aroor was coming, the room was changed completely. A luxuriant red carpet was spread across the room with exquisite black leather chairs! One would think he was either a high-ranking minister or officer!

He first addressed me with a question with contempt: "Abu Sufyan, how old are you?!" "Twenty three," I replied. So he said: "No, you're sixty!" So I repaeted the same answer and he asked me again, "Twenty three, and you're issuing Fatwas for people to follow?!" He did not know that it (religious leadership) is "for those who have a faithful heart and eloquent tongue." I had wrote about this in: "Refuting the fabrication of age limits to issue Fatwas."

He opened his laptop, as a group of cruel officers sat to his right, and said: "Abu Sufyan, let's have a debate." So I said: "No debate should be held when one is threatened, as people of knowledge say!"

Al-Aroor looked at the officers to his right and spoke words of mockery! He then said pretentiously: "We talk and don't fear anyone but Allah!"

When I saw him acting like that, I said: "As has been said, debaters must be close in age and knowledge or else it will be hypocritical, and you are older than me."

So he started asking me various questions to test my knowledge, and since he was very arrogant and conceited, every time I answered one of his questions, he said: "Well said! You must have heard it from one of my lectures".

Al-Aroor asked me: "Do you think there is one kind of disbelief or two?" "There are two kinds; major and minor," I replied.

Al-Aroor continued: "How do you differentiate between them?!" "Every kind of disbelief in the Book and the Prophetic Tradition (Sunnah) is major and others that are not based on proof or evidence are minor."

So he said: "You are mistaken. I have asked many students of Sharia universities in Riyadh and other cities and they gave the same answer you did." He then stated: "The right answer is what I realized. It is the rule I made."

How strange! If knowledge is the information people share as Sheikh Ibin Taymiya says, so how are we supposed to know what Al-Aroor has realized?! Al-Aroor took a paper out of his bag and wrote an Irja rule, stipulating that: "Every disbelief in the Book and the Sunnah is minor, unless it is associated with heresy, or references of disbelief or the claim that something forbidden is permissible."

This is an absolute Irja rule, which does not fool any of the Sunnis; in addition, it is a flagrant ignorant statement to say, for he cannot differentiate between the types of disbelief!

I kept the paper on which the Aroori rule was written by his own handwriting; however, when I searched for it later so I could refute it methodically and in detail, I couldn't find it.

Then he admitted that "whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are the disbelievers," is major disbelief since it is related to heresy!

He also asked me about forgiving ignorance, so I said that we do not forgive ignorance concerning the clear principles of religion, and anything other than that, we do forgive.

Al-Aroor objected that with some misconceptions, which I pointed out in the introduction of my book: "Clarifying and explaining that whoever disbelieves as a result of ignorance is not a Muslim."

Al-Aroor visited me many times, and every time, he would ask the prison guards and prisoners about me and say: "Did Abu Sufyan's beliefs change or are they still the same?!"

Moreover, when I realized that my debate with Adnan Al-Aroor behind bars is not beneficial at all, and since I'm not going to convince him and he's not going to convince me, I decided to take the debate to a personal level. So I started asking him about his debates with our Sheikhs and if he had any announced debates?! I also asked him when and where they took place?!

He claimed that he met with our Sheikh Abu Qatada Al-Filistini and that he said: "Any evil that will happen in this world would be caused by this man! He then proved that with his Fatwa in Algeria.

He also claimed that he met with Sheikh Johayman Al-Otaybi and when he left, he said: "This man will spill forbidden blood, in the forbidden (holy) month, and in the forbidden (holy) country." That happened indeed, Al-Aroor claims. He also says that the Saudi intelligence summoned him to ask him how he knew that before it happened?! He claimed as well that he met with Abu Hamza Al-Misri and that he considers those who do not perform Jihad to be disbelievers. Al-Aroor claims that he argued that by mentioning Qa'b Bin Malik's story and so he proved him wrong! He also claimed that he met with Mohammed Al-Fizazi. He stated as well that he was asked about Ibin Baz and that he replied by saying: "A disbeliever"! As well as Al-Albani and Ibin Al-Othaymeen.

He also claimed that he recorded a tape and sent it to the Jihadi Leader Osama Bin Laden, asking him to answer a question, yet all he did was stroke his beard for he couldn't answer the question! These are just part of the endless fabrications of Al-Aroor! The last time we met, I told him: "Maybe we would meet in a better place someday!"

Since that last encounter to date, Allah did not gather me with him on a real dialogue table, and Allah does what He pleases"

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