"WikiLeaks": The Bahraini King pardoned Ahmed’s Shehab friend in "Al Qaeda Cell" and the Attorney General assured the ambassador that "the Sunni extremists are under our control"

2014-10-15 - 8:50 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): WikiLeaks has revealed an example of the Bahraini officials’ collusion in dealing with members in “Al Qaeda”, which is considered amongst the most dangerous organizations classified as terrorist.

WikiLeaks documents show that the King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa issued a royal pardon in 2009 for the sake of Adel Saleh, the friend of the terrorist Ahmed Shehab who was killed last Tuesday in Iraq. It should be mentioned that Adel faces the same charges as Ahmed.

The documents clarify that the attorney general Ali Fadhel Al Buainain, the brother of former leader of Al Asalah Islamic Society and the current Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Ghanim Al-Buainain, assured the US ambassador Adam Ereli about the movements of Adel Saleh. The ambassador, himself, had doubts that “the king may later pardon his friend Ahmed Shehab too.”

According to the document published by WikiLeaks on May 11th 2009, “on May 10th 2009 the US ambassador, along with the embassy’s political and economic counselor, met with the attorney general Ali Al Buainain and repeated his concerns regarding the royal pardon for the sake of Adel Saleh. The ambassador asked the attorney general what the Bahraini government is going to do with Adel later and inquired about his two defendants in absentia friends; Ahmed Shehab and Khattab.”

The royally pardoned Adel Saleh is a friend of the terrorist Ahmed Shehab. They were convicted in 2009 for joining Al Qaeda; however, the Bahraini government set Adel free before serving the whole period of his sentence.

In this context, WikiLeaks unveiled that the US ambassador repeated his objection regarding the Bahraini government for condoning the charged in this case.

The document presents that the US ambassador met with the attorney general, the secretary of the foreign affairs, chief of the defence force and the ministers of commerce and finance to press on Bahrain in order not to condone Ahmed’s Shehab cell.

Furthermore, the document indicates that the attorney general “promised the US ambassador that Bahrain will not condone the terrorist Ahmed Shehab who fled to Afghanistan”; however they condoned his fellow in the case.

Hereupon, Bahrain pledged to the US ambassador to “keep Adel Saleh away from the extremist activities through threats, inveiglement and family pressure.”

WikiLeaks mentions that the US ambassador in Bahrain Adam Ereli wrote to the US department of state that he “trusts that the Bahraini authorities succeed to control the activities of the Sunni extremists groups through threats, inveiglement and family pressure.”


It is worth mentioning that Adam Ereli had been Washington’s ambassador in Manama from June 2007 to June 2011.   

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