The Canadian freelance journalist "Bill Law" writes for Bahrain Mirror

2014-06-03 - 7:32 م

Bahrain Mirror:The Canadian freelance journalist, "Bill Law", will write for Bahrain Mirror. He is a reporter specialized in the news coverage of the Islamic world for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Bahrain Mirror had previously translated and published several of his articles.

Bill Law spent the past 20 years working in radio journalism after stints in theatre and publishing in his homeland, Canada. He began his career in the radio journalism working for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where he tackled subjects regarding current affairs, arts and music.

He joined the BBC as a freelance reporter in 1995, and helped to launch BBC Radio Five Live. In 1997, he joined BBC News and Current Affairs and produced two Sony award-winning programs, PaperTalk and Late Night Live.

In 2001, he returned to documentary production for BBC Five Live Report, producing - amongst other stories - 73 Million to One, an expose of the wrongful murder conviction of Sally Clarke, the mother found guilty but subsequently exonerated in the death of her two infant sons.

Over the past seven years, he was increasingly drawn to the news coverage of the Islamic world.

Two weeks after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, he produced a groundbreaking and revealing program inside a Jihadi training camp that took listeners, for the first time, into a secret Kashmiri camp, and into the hearts and minds of Islamic militants.

Subsequently he has produced and presented documentaries from the Palestinian occupied territories, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Bahrain.

Bill has also reported from both West and East Africa for BBC Radio 4 and Five Live.

Bill Law: Justice Unrealized

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