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Bahrain Mirror: in March 2005, Mohamed Ibrahim Makawi the main expert of "Al-Qaeda" in the field of military strategies, which according to information; was a former expert in the strategies of war in the Egyptian army, published a document on the Internet titled " Al-Qaeda strategies for 2020". The document showed that Al-Qaeda had launched its main plan of initiating a campaign aimed at long-term jihad to rid the nation of the various forms of injustice; the campaign falls in five stages.

In the first stage, Al-Qaeda has sought to provoke, what Makawi described, "the Heavy American Elephant" to invade a Muslim land. 11 September attacks; which were planned at least since 1998; provoked the United States to launch an extensive attack on Afghanistan and later invade Iraq .

On the other hand, the second phase of the military plan was to re-awaken another "Giant Elephant" which is the Islamic nation itself. According to Makawi, the most effective way to achieve this is in attracting huge numbers of American troops to an Islamic land, which would raise the rage of the Islamic nation and generates an endemic hatred to America.

The third stage; according to Makawi, is by widening the circle of conflict to other parts of the region and to engage the United States in a long-term attrition war. The ultimate goal remains: the development of "jihad terror triangle", which begins in Afghanistan, passing through currently neutral Iran, to southern Iraq then southern Turkey and south Lebanon, all the way to Syria.

The fourth phase is the transformation of Al-Qaeda to a global network through regulatory changes inside Al-Qaeda, moving it further to the exterior of the international security system and its experience, transforming Al-Qaeda to a set of guiding principles that allows them to transcend all national boundaries and makes the establishment of affiliated organisations an exceptionally easy task.

The fifth stage predicts that the United States will extend in a manner beyond their huge historical capabilities, by fighting wars on multiple fronts while trying to secure the protection of the oil wells in the Gulf region and to maintain the security of Israel. Makawi indicates that the U.S. military budget will suffer catastrophic human loss, which will lead to an explosion of great powers at the domestic level.
* See other details about Al Qaeda's strategy for 2020 in the book: Al-Qaeda Secret Organisation, Abdul Bari Atwan, Dar Al-Saqi , 2007, from Pg. 311 to 313.

Bahrain Mirror: a phased project launched by members of the "Al-Asalah" Islamic Society: the current MP Abdel Halim Murad (+97333222006), Sheikh Faisal Al Ghurair (+97333222006), Khalid Al Balushi (+9736706000), and Abdul Karim Al Emadi (+97333111202). It aims to equip insurgents to fight in Syria, or to provide them with combat equipment, such as anti-aircraft missiles.

And those responsible for it are openly active, since 2012, aided by a number of volunteers, through the establishment of daily campaigns interspersed by auctions for fundraising in Bahraini mosques; which are: " Shikhan Al-Farsi Mosque" in Riffa, "Abu Hanifa Mosque " in Busaiteen, "Nadi Al-Sahel Mosque" in Hidd, "Sheikh Isa bin Ali Mosque" in Muharraq, "AlEsmah mosque" in Hamad Town, and "the Western Galali mosque" in Galali region; in addition to mosques in Isa Town and Manama. Murad oversees the donations that are held in "Shikhan mosque" in Riffa, while Al Ghurair oversees the campaign held in "Abu Hanifa Mosque "in Busaiteen, and those are the two main centres.

The value of the stock per share for the financial donation ranges from BHD 500 (about US$ 1,300) to 1,000 dinars (about US.$ 2,600).

Since the launch of the project in 2012, about 4 campaigns took place belonging to "Equipping Ghazi" project. The first campaign of the project was launched in mid-2012, and was aimed to buying anti-aircraft for fighters in Syria. The commander of Salafist "brigades of Al-Sham's Hawks" Abu Isa Al-Sheikh announced in August 2012 that Bahraini financiers donated to arm 85 fighter which he called 'invaders' in "AlZawya Mountain". In another announcement for an armed squad, who did not reveal its name, stated that "it received aid from Bahraini financiers for equipping anti-aircraft missiles". The value of an anti-aircraft is BHD 8,000 (about 21 thousand U.S. dollars).

In November 2012, the organizers of the project launched the second phase to train about 200 fighters, worth of BHD 1,000 per share, including a total of BHD 200 thousand (about half a million U.S. dollars).

In January 2013, the third phase was launched, under the title "those who equip an invader are invaders" to arm 300 fighters, worth BHD 1,000 per share, including a total of BHD 300 thousand (about 760 thousand U.S. dollars).

In March 2013, the fourth phase of the project was launched, which is the largest, and aims to equip 500 fighters, worth BHD 1,000 per share, including a total of BHD 500 dinars (about one million and 300 thousand U.S. dollars).

On 9 June 2013, MP Abdel Halim Murad announced that operators of the project were able to sell about 370 of the offered shares. He said on his Twitter account @ Murad_bh "we happily announce that we have reached in "Al-Ghazi Project" to 370 fighters for Al-Quseer & Damascus", pointing out that the remaining is "130 shares of the closure of the campaign".

And he stated in a subsequent Tweet on14 June 2013 "we happily announce the entrance of quantities of quality gear and weapons to Syria, and the Mujahedeen began fighting the Christians and the Devil's Party with it".

In a statement by Dr. Faisal Al Ghurair, on 24 June 2013; "during the previous four months and to this date, more than 1530 fighter for AlGhazi project were armed". The cost of equipping this number of fighters is about one and a half million dinars (about 4 million U.S. dollars).

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