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  • Baqer Darwish: About the Government's Mobilization to Rationalize Religious Speech

    A lot of incitement and a little change in the appearance of government mobilizations wishing to pounce on religious speech is what differs from previous campaigns that have not stopped for years. The main goal is to silence, with any kind of restriction, any platform from which this speech emanates as long as it criticizes or implicitly opposes official policies in Bahrain.

  • A Memoir of the Suppression of Prison Unrest in Bahrain

    On the afternoon of April 17, there were frequent complaints about the sudden crackdown by a security group on the detainees who have been protesting in Buildings 12 and 13 since the death of the victim of deliberate medical negligence, Abbas Malallah, and the repercussions of the incident are still taking place until the moment of writing this article.

  • How Bahraini Citizens Became Potential Victims of the Regime’s Decisions since 1923

    On July 26, 2013, a Royal Decree was issued extending the powers of the Supreme Defense Council and granting it the authority to adopt strategies and programs for the development of national security. Upon reviewing the laws governing the performance of this Council, it will be clear that establishing the security doctrine and drawing the security policy is limited to members of this council, which consists of first and second-rank Al Khalifa figures and probably some individuals from families loyal to the ruling family exclusively.

  • Baqer Darwish: Electronic Flies in Bahrain

    Sectarian instigation that the administration of Bahrain Television has worked on succeeded in preparing the conditions for programming hate speech and incitement in the official press and on social media sites locally.